Nite at the Races
Nite at the Races   It will be an exciting night! Once   again   N ite   at   the   Races   was   a   huge   success.   The   event was    attended    by    over    120    guests    that    were    treated    to    an evening   of   fun   and   excitement.   Everyone   had   a   great   time   and helped   raise   over   $5500   for   the   Pink   SOCS   Foundation.   The funds will go to help families affected by cancer. We   would   like   to   thank   all   who   attended   to   help   make   the   night a   success.   We   would   also   like   to   thank   our   sponsors   for   their generosity and support. Thank   you   to   The   American   Legion   Hall   in   Rahway,   NJ.      for   their continued support. Because   of   all   the   support   of   our   attendees   and   our   sponsors,   we are    able    to    help    an    increasing    number    of    families    affected    by cancer. Pink SOCS Foundation.
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*A special thank you to our Sponsors for their generosity and support.*
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