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A s    of    February    2008,    the    Pink    SOCS    Foundation    Inc.    officially    became    a 501(c)(3)   public   charity,   but   we   started   raising   money   for   cancer   several   years earlier.      In   2005,   a   small   group   of   us   raised   our   first   dollars   as   part   of   the   Avon Walk   for   Breast   Cancer.   It   began   as   an   attempt   to   actively   fight   back.      At   that point,   4   of   our   9   sisters   had   already   received   a   cancer   diagnosis.   Our   family   is large,   with   34   grandchildren   and   9   great   grandchildren,   and   ever   expanding.   To date,   we   have   experienced   the   despair   of   relapse   -   more   than   once,   as   well   as the sadness of loss when our father and sisters succumbed to the disease. T hroughout   our   journey,   we’ve   had   the   good   fortune   to   be   able   to   count   on   our family   for   support,   but   we   also   had   the   sad   realization   that   cancer   is   a   significant financial   burden   –   even   for   those   of   us   that   are   insured.   It   is   our   hope   that   the Pink   SOCS   Foundation   Inc.   will   be   able   to   assist   those   families   who   are   in   need of   financial      support   as   a   result   of   any   type   of   cancer,   because   we   know   first   hand that    diagnosis    is    stressful    enough,    without    the    added    concern    of    monetary resources.    O ur   mission   is   to   improve   the   lives   of   families   in   our   communities   that   have been   affected   by   breast   cancer   and   also   all   other   forms   of   cancer.   We   raise money   by   holding   charity   functions,   and   directly    donating   these   funds   to   families in    need    that    have    been    affected    by    cancer.    Donations    are    also    given    as scholarships to children who have family members affected by cancer.”
With your support, no matter how small or how large we can accomplish our mission.
Thank you sincerely, Pink SOCS Foundation