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On May 24th, 2013, the John E. Riley School in South Plainfield N.J., once again held their annual “39 Minute Walk to a Cure”
Students    from    grades    "K    to    4"    at    the John   E.   Riley   Elementary   School   walked the   “39   Minute   Walk   for   a   Cure”   in   order to benefit cancer research.   On   May   24,   2013   with   donations   from parents    and    teachers,    John    E.    Riley Elementary    School    raised    over    $5,000 for the Pink SOCS Foundation.   It   was   a   rainy   day,   but   they   made   the best     of     it     by     finishing     inside     their gymnasium. Congratulations     to     all     the     students, parents and faculty!   The   Pink   SOCS   Foundation   thanks   you for your dedication and support.   Go Riley Elementary!
Pink SOCS Foundation Annual Golf Outing 2013 
On   May   6,   2013   at   the   Twin   Brooks CC    in    Watchung,    N.J.    the    Pink SOCS       Foundation       held       their annual    Golf    Outing.    They    raised over   $12,000   to   help   families   that are affected by cancer. Note: Year   to   date;   the   Pink   SOCS   have given   over   $70,000   directly   into   the hands   of   families   in   need   of   some financial    relief.    These    donations may   have   helped   to   pay   bills,   pay for   medications   or   just   helped   the recipients   to   forget   about   Cancer for a brief moment. The    Pink    SOCS    have    also    given out     $27,000     in     scholarships     to graduating   seniors   who   have   been affected by cancer. As     always     the     Pink     SOCS Foundation   would   like   to   thank all who have supported us.
Supra      Forums      and      Jonathan Motorcars/Undercover   Performance charity   car   meet   was   an   amazing success     they     helped     raise     over $8,000       for       the       Pink       SOCS Foundation
Avon Walk This   year   we   set   our   goal at   $18,000   for   our   team   of 10 members. As    always    we    thank    you for your support.
On      October      13th,      2013      Kelly Pinkham   ran   the   Chicago   Marathon in    memory    of    her    Aunt    Joan    who sadly passed away from cancer.
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Pink SOCS Foundation Annual Golf Outing. On    May    6,    2013    we    raised over     $12,000     at     the     Twin Brooks CC.
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   The    Pink    SOCS    Foundation’s    5K Run/    Walk    at    Spring    Lake    Park, South   Plainfield,   NJ   was   a   success. Please   click   below   for   more   details and to see photos of the event.
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