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In     following     our     mission statement,    Pink    SOCS    has awarded      scholarships      to students   who   are   invested   in their    academic    future    and have      been      affected      by cancer. Our     first     scholarship     was awarded    to   Angela    DiPetta for $500.
Pink SOCS Awards First Scholarship 
We   would   like   to   thank   the   NE Supra   Forums   and   Jonathan   Performance    for    their    charity car     meet,     to     support     the efforts     of     the     Pink     SOCS Foundation,    which    will    bring some       financial       relief       to families      who      have      been affected   by   breast   and   other forms   of   cancer.   They   helped raised over $8,000.
The   Pink   SOCS   held   a   benefit   softball   game   to   raise   money   to   be   used   towards   the Avon   Walk   this   year.   After   a   day   full   of   teamwork   and   home   runs   the   Pink   SOCS   took home over $1,500 towards cancer research.
To   those   we   love   and   to those   we’ve   lost,   one   day we   will   find   a   cure   to   end this     horrific     disease.     - Sandy Suroweic
South   Plainfield   Mayor   Matt   Anesh   presented   six   checks   totaling   $4,050   to   six   local charities.   The   donations   came   from   the   fees   he   received   for   performing   27   wedding ceremonies    in    the    borough    this    year.    Donating    the    fees    has    become    a    South Plainfield   tradition   in   the   past   years.   The   following   charities   received   checks:   South Plainfield   Domestic   Violence   Support   Team,   Elks   Camp   Moore,   The   Brayden   Carr Foundation,   The   Buddy   Walk   of   South   Plainfield,   The   Time2Shine   Foundation   and The Pink SOCS Foundation.
Louie Vargas, Mayor Matt Anesh and Christine Dispenziere
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Along    with    our    dedication    to    cancer    research,    the    Pink    SOCS    Foundation    is dedicated   to   helping   students   in   need   who   may   be   affected   by   cancer.   In   our   first year,   scholarships   were   given   to   five   different   students   in   high   school   and   middle school   in   order   to   further   their   education.   The   Pink   SOCS   have   now   given   over $27,000 in scholarships to graduating seniors who have been affected by cancer.  
Source: the South Plainfield Observer
Photo by Michael Dispenziere
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